With production of both the 300SL and 190SL cars coming to an end in 1963, Mercedes-Benz needed a new car to carry the SL (Sehr Leicht, very light) torch. And while the previous cars immortalized the SL moniker, the 230SL was more a spiritual successor to those cars than a direct descendent. Mercedes debuted the 230SL (designated W113 internally) at the Geneva Auto Show in March 1963, to great acclaim. Exterior styling was a departure for Mercedes, which had until that point relied on rounded, even bulbous curves to characterize its automobiles. But the 230SL bordered on square, pulled off through the use of clean, elegant lines, intelligent placement of the wheels in proportion to the rest of the design, and a tall, "pagoda" removable hard top that allowed for ease of ingress and egress. The engine is the 6-cyl. 2308cc/170hp w/Bosch Fuel injection. There were just over 6,300 cars produced in 1965.

This particular car is an extremely rare, one-owner from new example. Purchased new through the Phil Smart Mercedes-Benz dealership in Seattle, WA, it is finished in traditional 717 “Papyrus White” exterior, with matching hardtop, new hardtop storage rack, a 720 Black soft top and two car covers. The interior is the beautiful 216 “Cognac” Leather. The automatic transmission car was purchased by a prominent car enthusiast and has been driven and cared for lovingly it’s entire life. With 95K miles showing on the odometer, it has always garaged, cleaned and serviced regularly. It comes complete with a massive folder of documentation and records from its purchase and shipment from Germany in to the port of Seattle, and all maintenance works throughout its life. It truly is the ultimate purist “Pagoda” style Mercedes Benz sports car and would make a fitting addition to a proper collection. Check out our listing and make an offer on Bring a Trailer!

1965 Mercedes Benz 230SL Roadster