Meet Dominic Dobson

Meet Dominic Dobson. World Class Competitor, Broker and Renown Manager.


The founder of Dobson Motorsport, Dominic Dobson, has wide experience in the world of professional racing. He’s run in seven Indy 500 races, the LeMans 24hr, Daytona 24hr, Sebring 12hr, Baja 1000, Goodwood Hillclimb, both NASCAR and Touring Car events and is the winner of the 2015 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb Unlimited class and Rookie of the Year! Recognized by many for his expertise and broad skills, he serves as an industry leader in collector car brokering, restoration management, and world-class collection management, including a renowned four-year stewardship of an international collection of historic automobiles of primarily European post-war race cars and rare road cars. With over 50 years of combined experience, the Dobson Motorsports group stands ready to serve your needs as a pre-eminent source in automotive arts, from competition to collections, restorations, repair and race driving training.

WINNER! Pikes Peak 2015 International Hill Climb and Rookie of the Year

A dramatic 10:15.289 run in GoPro Motorsports Radical SR8 garnered Dominic Dobson an unlimited class win in 2015 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb and the prestigious “Rookie of the Year” award.

After many hours of training on simulator created by Maher Solutions, he, his crew and parts flown in from Europe, and across the U.S., loaded up and headed to America’s Mountain. When Dobson contacted George Scott of GOPROMOTORSPORTS.COM about driving his car up Pikes Peak, neither of them thought they would achieve all that they did.

In his career, Dobson has raced in many venues, and had long had the historic Pikes Peak International Hill Climb on his “bucket list”. Coupled with his 2005 Baja 1000 race and a yet-to-be-determined effort at the famous Bonneville Salt Flats, this bucket list will surely set him apart from all of his contemporaries and make him a unique driver in the world of racing.

Dobson lives in Seattle, Washington and is the father of two children. He is very active with charitable organizations like Seattle Children’s Hospital and America’s Car Museum.