In July of 1971, the legendary Steve McQueen purchased a new CZ off-road motorcycle, chassis #02651, at BSA-Yamaha West in Phoenix AZ, while shooting the film “Junior Bonner”. His idea was to ride around between film shoots and on weekends at Slaughterhouse Gulch, which resides just outside of Prescott Arizona. The motorcycle was purchased using funds from his company Solar Productions.

After filming had wrapped up in Prescott Arizona, McQueen had it registered in California, and had it shipped back to California. In the next few years he had the engine modified (ported, cylinder lighted and head fins altered) and many 1-off titanium parts built for it (foot pegs, bolts, etc).

In June of 1973, McQueen buys a California off-road permit. This permit (A77 R02) is still stuck to the bike’s rear fender to this day. Sometime In 1975, McQueen sells his historic bike to Philip Penn of Sunnyvale, CA, who registers the bike and buys a new California off-road permit.

In early 1976, Philip Penn sells #02651 to Terry Lendall of Guadalupe, CA. Lendall registers the CZ in CA and rides the bike occasionally until late 1980. At this point he removes the engine and wheels and places it in a tool shed at his house, keeping the engine in his garage. The bike sits in the shed for 35 years.

In September of 2015, Terry Lendall lists #02651 for sale on Los Angeles Craigslist. Hayden Roberts purchased the CZ from Terry Lendall later that day along with all paperwork; which Terry had kept. In October of 2015 Hayden Roberts sells #02651 to it's current owner.

In June of 2016, the new owner takes this historic bike to the “Boys Republic/Steve McQueen Car and Motorcycle Show” in Chino Hills, Ca. Steve’s son, Chad McQueen, sees #02651 and speaks with the show promoter about it. He recalls riding it with his dad in Arizona and this is documented in the show’s magazine.

At this point the motorcycle has never been restored or altered. All paint, chrome and upholstery are original to the bike when Steve purchased it new in 1971. It is missing the front tire, yet remains an amazing piece of history for anyone who is a fan of McQueen or of important motorcycles.

Ex-Steve McQueen CZ 380 Off-Road Motorcycle