This amazing, original 289 AC Cobra is a true time machine and rarely found in such great and highly original condition. Chassis #CXS2432, white paint, mostly original with original black interior. Delivered to George May Ford in OH on 11-3-64, but titled in 1965. Options included WSW tires, radio, hard top and side curtains. Chrome wheels added in 1970's. This lovely car set an "A Production" track record in 1975 and has won several shows since.

Combining the power of Ford’s short-stroke V8 with the nibleness of AC’s sporting chassis, the Cobra was the first largely successful English-American hybrid. The whole project was motivated by legendary driver Carol Shelby, who refined and raced the car with funds from Ford.

In what some have called a desperate move, AC Cars accepted a deal to modify their Ace chassis to accept Ford’s V8 engine. They shipped bare chassis to Shelby American where they were initially fitted Ford’s 260 cu in. engine. The V8 worked well within the spacious engine bay, so much so, Shelby moved to the 289 unit in 1964, and the massive 427 with a new, stronger chassis in 1965.

Since development was relatively simple, the Cobra started winning races from its onset. It had a tremendously good power to weight ratio that bettered with both the 289 and 427 engines. In a short time, the Cobra built up an impressive racing record and a purposeful 427 Coupe won the GT Championship in 1964 and placed fourth at Le Mans in the same year.

Due to the early success of the Cobra, Ford was happy to continue development of their engines and pursue new interests. This lead to GT40, a super low racecar developed in both Britain and USA that upset Ferrari’s dominance in a major way.

Although some will say the definitive version of the Cobra was the Cobra 427, the smaller, nimbler and more elegant looking 289 is a favorite amongst collectors worldwide. This very special car, with it’s original engine, gearbox, paint, interior, side curtains, hard top, a few spares parts and long-term ownership would be a great addition to any collection of American muscle or European sports cars, as it combines the best of the old and the new worlds. Car includes side curtains, hard top and accessories. There is also a complete spare engine available as well.

1965 AC Cobra 289 - Very Original