This 1967 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible was created with the idea of being updated with changes that would stand out from the norm yet blend carefully into a singular package.

The build itself was completed by World Class Finish in Uniontown, Ohio, and began with a custom-constructed Street Shop chassis. Working beneath that gorgeous midyear body is a far more modern and better engineered C7 Stingray suspension package. This in turn is given its road orders from a beautifully customized LS3 Plus engine. Introduced in 2008, the 430 HP V-8 engine was a major improvement over the earlier aluminum LS-engines, and under this car’s electrically-operated stinger hood, it features exquisite show-quality chrome work, custom headers with side pipes, and stunning attention to detail.

The LS3 Plus engine is backed by a 6-speed transmission. Looking inside, one envies the Pro Car custom interior, which has cruise control, a tilt steering column, Sony stereo with Apple CarPlay, custom LED interior lighting and a fabulously reworked dash configuration. With chrome also abounding on the exterior, the paint color chosen was richly toned silver, while the interior is created using subdued burgundy and gunmetal tones.

The complementary burgundy top was custom-created for this project, while the car features the 1967 styling cues such as the stinger hood, front fender louvers and Corvette identification. Detroit Speed provided the lights. Perhaps the most dramatic upgrade here is Schott 20-inch wheels using a multi-spoke design with tri-point center spinners and wearing low-profile radial tires. Corvettes were often personalized during their heyday, and to meet the standards of 21st-century enthusiasts, that effort sets a high bar to reach.

This second-generation Corvette with C7 underpinnings, LS3 Plus power and show-level appearance raises the bar to another level.


  • Build completed by World Class Finish in Uniontown, Ohio
  • Custom built Street Shop chassis
  • C7 suspension
  • Customized LS3 Plus engine
  • 6-speed transmission
  • Silver exterior
  • Burgundy Pro Auto Custom Interior
  • Custom Burgundy top
  • Cruise control, tilt steering, and Apple CarPlay
  • Electric hood
  • Custom headers
  • Custom LED interior lighting
  • Detroit Speed lights
  • 20-inch wheels

1967 Corvette Retro-Mod Roadster