In 2005, the Ferrari F430 succeeded the Italian automobile manufacturer's most popular model, the 360 Modena. Perhaps more than its siblings, the F430 directly inherits technology from Ferrari's Formula 1 racing experience.

The heart of the beast beats through 4.3 liters of aluminum V8. The engine improves over the Modena's in terms of weight, performance, and reduction of overall dimensions. Ferrari says it produces 483 bhp with an 8,500 rpm redline and claims its lighter, more powerful engine pushes the F430 coupe from 0 to 60 in 3.9 seconds, reaching a top speed of just over 195 mph. One prominent automotive publication, however, observed 3.5 seconds from 0 to 60 and a sizzling 11.7-second/120.1-mph quarter-mile blast.

Armed with the expensive Formula 1 carbon ceramic disc brakes option, the F430 can race all day and still pull off stopping distances from 60 and 80 mph in 113 and 192 ft., respectively, which are within 5 ft. of the Enzo supercar's.

More Formula 1 technology shows up in the E-Diff or electronic differential, which uses a system of hydraulic clutches and electronics to efficiently handle high levels of torque under extreme cornering g-forces. Offered as standard on the F430, this is a production-car first. The E-Diff greatly improves road holding by eliminating wheel spin during vigorous cornering.

A traditional six-speed manual transmission or the more popular F1 paddle-shift sequential manual unit with an automatic mode provides gearing. Those F1 shifts can be easy or Formula 1-like (150 milliseconds per complete shift), depending on the setting of another bit of racing technology that lands on the F430's steering wheel - the manettino, or as one reviewer called it, "a mood lever." There are five settings for driving modes/moods: snow, low traction, sport, race, or CST (which turns off stability and traction controls). This small rotary switch controls shift speeds, shock valving, traction and yaw-control intervention levels, the twin exhaust bypass valves' rpm levels, and the E-Diff interaction.

Both a technological and artistic masterpiece, the F430 represents Ferrari's race engineering in street form - a worthy successor to the 360 Modena.

This beautifully stealthy Silver/Black Ferrari F430 Spider has only seen 17,500 pampered,  two-owner miles.  A beautifully crafted Pinifarina body over an alloy chassis, this example is in excellent condition. It is equipped with the alloy F136 E 4.3L V8 engine, coupled with the 6-speed F1 electrohydraulic transmission.  It has been recently serviced with a new clutch, new tires, new Brembo brakes and a new battery.  Includes all books, records, car cover, and lots of upgrades: built-in radar detector, upgraded speakers, new Pioneer Navigation/CD/Stereo system, carbon fiber throughout, side badges, yellow calipers, power everything, Novitec front bumper and side skirts, smoked out rear lights and side blinkers, black rims, black top, tinted windows.  This Ferrari Spider is visually stunning!  Located in Portland, OR, it is now priced to sell.

2007 Ferrari F430 Spider