If you LOVE sports cars, vintage/collector cars, muscle cars or anything else that burns gas, I'm with you. I have been driving and racing gas (and methanol) burning cars all my life. I have driven millions of miles on the highways and tens of thousands of racing miles in petro-fuel burning cars, and have no regrets. However, I have decided that I can enjoy both the thrill of classic, sporty and fast cars, while still doing something that my children will truly appreciate in 20, 30 or 40 years...driving an EV to work!

Every day, 119 million North Americans commute using personal vehicles—and 105 million of them commute alone. Step into the future of everyday driving. Reduce your gas bill to zero. Eliminate your environmental impact. Turn your commute into the highlight of your day. I have, and its more fun than you can imagine...it reminds me  of driving a Formula Ford racecar when I was a teenager.

Dobson Motorsport is pleased to represent the exciting new Solo EV in Washington and Oregon states. Solo is the first 3-wheel EV single seat vehicle ever. Drive 100 miles on a charge at freeway speeds and do it in the HOV lane, virtually traffic-free. All this for only $15,500 USD!

If you would like to reserve a Solo for a fully refundable deposit of only $200USD ($250CND), be sure to place this code "USA – WA – 001" in the “Dealership Code” box on the SOLO RESERVATION page, to make sure we can deliver your car to you in a timely manner. Deliveries are planned to begin in late Fall/Winter 2018 and you can choose your colors and options now. 

2018 Meccanica SOLO EV

$15,500 USD