This Motion Pro II simulator, built by CXC Simulations, was purchased new in 2018 for use as a Virtual Reality driver training demonstration system. It has had a few minor modifications, but the 3 DOF motion system, pedals, racing steering wheel and seat and computer and VR components are similar to the stock components.

Modifications include the addition of a cowling over the steering motor; a Display Port and HDMI video connection, in addition to the 3 DVI ports; and an Emergency Stop button.

With very low hours since new, this system is a lower-cost alternative to a new system, which costs over $65,000, and will provide the same level of reality in a racing scenario. Fully equipped with CXC motion control software, an InVidia GTX 1080ti graphics card, and an Intel 6th Gen Core i7 processor, it comes complete with a mobility kit, making it easier to move. Just add your iRacing, Project Cars or rFactor software license and you are off to the “Virtual Races”!

CXC Motion Pro II Full-Motion VR Racing Simulator