Improve your lap times, focus and muscle memory like never before. Developed by VR Motion Corp to train professional racers, this custom formula car style racing simulator will immerse you in a realistic Virtual training environment. Compatible with VR-ready racing games*, the high-feedback, industrial-grade steering and pedal systems are designed to give you positive feedback and many years of trouble-free performance. The cockpit is made of rigid fiberglass and is designed to accommodate nearly any size driver. The professional-grade steering wheel has built-in paddle shifting and other controls and the simulator includes a haptic feedback system as well. If you are a newer formula or sports car racing driver, a journeyman or even a professional, Virtual Reality will amaze you with its realism and immersive training benefits.


Simulator computer
VR Headset
Monitor Screen
Steering Wheel
Steering motor
Formula Frame
Sound system

* Gaming software and licenses available separately.

Dimensions: 88" long x 58" wide x 43" tall. Weighs approx 300 lbs.

The complete system is available to be inspected at VR Motion Corp in Hillsboro, OR.

Formula Car Virtual Reality Racing Simulator